Raf Almighty – Dolphin Street (Produced by BigBob)

A nostalgic trip back to the root of this intimate hip hop tale.
Raf Almighty gives a personalized lyrical & visual examination of the neighbourhood which captured his youthful experiences.

Consider Dolphin Street from his impressionable eyes, a city with a melange of cultures, a cut throat climate, a very real divide and picturesque views to obfuscate the magic of his beloved “Charm City.”

The footage superimposes the past and present of Dolphin Street with pictures and montages exploring the people & adventures of his life. It’s a gritty and real perspective accompanied by a befitting musical hip hop score from visionary hip hop producer BigBob with proper cuts and scratches from LD-on-the-Cut.

Physicals for 537 Dolphin Street are available now at :


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