DJ MUGGS – Holy Ghost [video]

DJ Muggs presents a one-of-a-kind creation from his expanding Soul Assassins discography: Holy Ghost is a music and wine release. The records handcrafted lathe cuts, each record released with a bottle of Holy Ghost Wine.

Muggs writes, “This is natural wine. Now, natural wine can be the same, obscure type of thing as a natural hot dog. Natural in what way? As in it, in some way, originally came from nature? In this case, we mean an unadulterated wine made without chemical pesticides or fertilizers used in grape cultivation; a wine made without unnecessary intervention by the vintner without fining and filtering; and with little or no sulfites added to extend the wine’s shelf life. In this case, this wine is a “living” – sensitive, evolving – thing. If you follow the biodynamic calendar, you might find it tastes different if you drink it on a “root” day or a “fruit” day. And you will probably find that it is not sanitized like the commercially produced, neutered and shelf-stabilized wine that is what 90% of wine consumers tend to drink. In other words, it’s probably unlike most wines you have ever had. This is a good thing. This is purposeful. The two young Brand Brothers that made this wine have been figuring out ways to return the winemaking practices of their centuries old estate in the Pfalz region of Germany to the ways of old. Savor the secrets.”

You must be 21 years old to purchase the wine bundle. Wine will be shipped via Fed Ex, separately from vinyl as required by law – ID and signature required upon delivery. All bundles will include an additional $25 shipping charge for the wine, per bottle. Wine can be shipped within the United States only. If you are not 21 years old or older, your package will be rejected upon attempted delivery and will not be redelivered. It will disappear, like the Holy Ghost it is.

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