Plutonic Lab – Long Slow feat. Olivier St. Louis [audio]

Following his striking single ‘Good Thing’ (ft. Natalie Slade), Melbourne-based award winning artist and producer Plutonic Lab combines forces with charismatic vocalist Olivier St. Louis to release the magnetic new single ‘Long Slow’. Illustrating peculiar and mischievous soundscapes, Plutonic Lab showcases great expertise in melody and arrangement, curating an absorbing foundation to exalt Olivier St. Louis’ unmatched character.

A mysterious and enticing atmosphere is set from the beginning with an eerie synth motif. Playing with imaging, a compelling drum beat, and bringing a sound Sci-Fi-esque palette to the table, Plutonic Lab presents great freshness and establishes himself as a musical force to be reckoned with. Accompanied by a dark bassline, Olivier St. Louis brings the track to life with an alluring contrast of theatrics and soul in his vocals. The call and response backing vocals provide the track with riveting harmonic and lyrical layers, unveiling a vivid sensory experience for listeners.

Just when Plutonic Lab “thought this record was getting a little too sweet and lush, Olivier St. Louis delivers the hardest, spookiest, funked up feature I’ve had the pleasure of producing, and it’s fun as all hell too”.

About the captivating lyrics, Olivier St. Louis explains that “Despite our experiences in building friendships throughout the course of life, we often fail to learn from our mistakes. Sometimes we keep far too many wrong people for reasons far less important than we believe. ‘Long slow’ is about the effort it takes to recognize and remove the chaff in our lives, and to never let it back in.”

‘Long Slow’ offers an insight to Plutonic Lab’s forthcoming EP ‘New Ruins’ releasing on June 11th 2021.

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