Bluestaeb – TTWL feat. Uno Hype & Jerome Thomas + TIBBE [audio]

Bluestaeb is excited to share two new singles from his forthcoming album “GISEKE” which will be out on July 23rd via Jakarta Records. The album features guest appearances from Mick Jenkins, Ric Wilson, JuJu Rogers, Jerome Thomas, K, Le Maestro and more.

Bluestaeb (Leon Giseke) is originally from Berlin but has been living between Berlin and Paris over the last several years. His 2020 collaboration with S. Fidelity for “Bluestaeb & S. Fidelity present Underground Canopy” was a fan favorite and helped spread his sound to a worldwide audience. “GISEKE” was heavily influenced by his appreciation of architecture, design, contemporary fine art and socio-utopian ideas which shows up not only in the music but in forthcoming video content, album artwork, etc. The upcoming album provided a way to combine his varied interests but also to present an alternative narrative to the lo-fi hip hop beat scene with something more authentic to himself.

Today, check out the singles “TTWL” ft. Uno Hype and Jerome Thomas and the instrumental track “TIBBE.”

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