Mndsgn – Hope You’re Doin’ Better (Live)

Mndsgn ‘Rare Pleasure’ Record Release Performance, filmed at Ron Finley’s ‘Gangsta Garden’ presented by Grand Performances.

Full performance here:

Vocals & Mellotron: Mndsgn
Bass: Swarvy
Keys: Kiefer
Drums: Will Logan
Guitar: Brandon Bey

Executive Producer / Creative Director: Azul Amaral
Executive Producer / Artist Management: Shane Sakanoi
Director of Photography: Eric Coleman
Technical Director: Azul Amaral
Camera Operators: César Alvarez and Pablo Aguilar
Audio Engineer: Alberto López
A1: Vsev Krawczeniuk
Production: Isabel Reyes, Jesse Ramos and Sean Osborn
Publicity: Canyon Cody
Graphic Design: Alfred Hawkins
Mixed by Swarvy
Editor: Pablo Aguilar

Horticulturalist/artivist Ron Finley, aka the “Gangsta Gardener,” plants gardens in public spaces around the city of Los Angeles as an act of resistance and empowerment. Equating gardening with graffiti, Finley transforms unused urban spaces into places of community and congregation. The “Renegade Gardener” unknowingly started a revolution by planting organic vegetables in the parkway in front of his home. Finley’s TED Talk on guerilla gardening in South Central L.A. enjoys over 3 million views to date, and thanks to his petitioning, Los Angeles has since legalized curbside gardens for community use. Finley now travels the world speaking to international communities and hosting workshops on how to take back the soil. ⁠

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