Mndsgn – Colours of the Sunset [video] • • Soundtrack: “Rare Pleasure IV,” “Colours of the Sunset,” and “Rare Pleasure III” from the album RARE PLEASURE.

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Video Concept: Arlington Lowell & Ringgo; Camera Assistance: Megan Perry; Automobile Assistance: Fatima Nieto; Filmed & Edited: flatspot_. (

Musicians: Mellotron, Vocals, Clave: Mndsgn; Guitar: Keith Askey; Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer: Kiefer; Bass, Cabas, Cabana: Swarvy; Drums: Will Logan; Percussion: Carlos Niño; Additional Vocals: Foushee, Devin Morrison. Song written and produced by: Mndsgn. Mixed by: Swarvy. Mastered by: Jake Viator at Stones Throw Studios.

Thinkin’ bout it all
Love could take us far
Just pick your favorite star
We could go there in a second

I see you growing tired of your
am I
How could you lose your mind over there?
When the love in your heart
is always

The sun’s been shinin’ more
Got me still diggin’ through the core
I’ve been feelin’ like
all the colours of the sunset

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