Death At The Derby – Brazilian Bloodlines (Prod. Dirty Diggs)

Taking y’all from Spain back down to Brazil for this month’s match & the cultured chaos defined by club bloodlines rooted in the fields to the favelas. Known as the Paulista Derby, Corinthians & Palmieras are two of Brazil’s oldest footballing clubs that have also birthed one of the world’s largest rivalries in the famed city of São Paulo. Their first feud on the pitch came in 1917 & this clash of Brazilian titans has done nothing but become an international spectacle filled with legendary stars on both sides for the world to witness.

Performed By: Cousin Feo & Lord Juco
Produced By: Dirty Diggs
Cuts By: DJ Dubplates
Mixed/Mastered By: Corey Gipson
Artwork: Ricky Zepeda

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