Rita J – The High Priestess [album]

Electric…Vibrant…Creative…Humble! The High Priestess album hones in on the core of Chicago-based MC/songwriter Rita J.’s humanity as she freely speaks on her personal trials and tribulations, offers her candid disposition on societal norms, highlights her newfound spiritual unfolding, and much more! Partnering with Chicago-based MC/Producer Neak, Rita J. develops a superbly soulful/jazz-influenced record that exemplifies her modern growth and evolution as an artist.

With Chicago-based MC/producer Rashid Hadee serving as the Executive Producer of The High Priestess, the overall musical landscape is sonically perfected to bring forth the progressive lyrical prowess of Rita J. and the polished retro/live hip-hop production of Neak; aiming to be considered one of the best albums recently noted in today’s music.

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