Golden Browne – Golden Browne [album]

Columbia Nights and Jenna Camille are GOLDEN BROWNE. After the critically acclaimed production trio connected with the multi-hyphenate artist through DC’s independent music scene, the crew nurtured a musical kinship for several years leading up to their first release. A shared love of 70s soul and 90s R&B led to extended listening sessions that forged their sound.

Equal parts composers and cratediggers, Columbia Nights (co-producers John E Daise, Jason “BrotherSpanky” Edwards and Hayling Price) provide Jenna with vinyl-tinged hip-hop soul for her autobiographical songwriting. Breakbeats, vintage synths, and tuneful basslines create the soundscape for Jenna’s intimate reflections and honest meditations. After sharing a series of one-minute quarantine jams entitled Bright Moments, the group is releasing its self-titled debut LP via HiPNOTT Records.

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