BigBob & Solomon Childs “Wushu” feat. Dom Pachino & 9th Prince (Killarmy) Cuts by LDontheCut

Wushu is a Chinese term for marital arts, this latest track from BigBob & Solomon Childs featuring 9th Prince and Dom Pachino, proving that hip hop at times is lyrical martial arts. Wushu defiantly demands your full attention, with kung fu sampling, a wild west, dust bowl influenced soundscape. The emcees dole out meticulously constructed rap verses with some mysticism and ominous tones.

taken From the album THE TEACHINGS : FIRST CLASS OUT NOW!!!!

Teaming up for THE TEACHINGS : FIRST CLASS, BigBob & Solomon Childs are a fresh hybrid of BigBob’s stylistic and visionary musical scores and Solomon Childs’ hard-hitting, in your face lyrical deliveries. Together, the sound is inspired by vintage Wu-Tang Clan, however they are all about originality unto itself with all the nuances of golden era boombap.

This upcoming release from Elite Sound International showcases their abilities to explore and expand hip hop’s atmospherics and lay new ground work for the future sound of hip hop.
The 11 track album features respected Wu-Tang Clan members as well as various Wu affiliated emcees moving seamlessly from upbeat to dark encompassing a myriad of sounds, satisfying all fans and lovers of East Coast boombap hip hop.

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