Dillon & J57 – ’83 Kids [album]

1983 – It was a ‘Thriller’ of a year. Michael Jackson ruled the charts. The Mario Brothers made their arcade debut. The entire freakin’ internet was born…and so were Dillon & J57.

As 80’s babies who really grew up in the 90’s, the unlikely duo had starkly different childhoods. A lifelong New Yorker who was born in an actual pair of Timberlands, J57 seemed a natural fit at the infamous Fat Beats record store where he would begin to climb the ranks as a Producer/Rapper. Meanwhile, Dillon was riding a bike around the suburbs of Jacksonville, Florida – barefoot and shooting off fireworks. Either that or he was in the garage trying to practice DJing Miami Bass records with 1 turntable & a Discman.

20 something years later, these two recovering class clowns randomly met in Atlanta and instantly bonded over their knowledge of 90’s hockey & Hip hop…and The Office. It wouldn’t take long for them to join forces and craft a rap record that’s both a throwback and a step forward. An album where nostalgia meets now.

From the minds of two aging Xennials (Not Gen-Xers and not Millenials!) – Dillon & J57 are proud to present – ’83 Kids.

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