SB The Moor & Progeny – Sleeping In Seattle EP

Fake Four Inc. is proud to release this EP by SB The Moor & Progeny as week 1 of Freecember 2021

In SB’s words: “A few years ago my dude Erick let me stay with him just outside of Seattle. Man I was going through it. Mentally, physically… not the greatest time for me!! Weirdly enough, at the same time I was having some great adventures in and just outside Seattle. The mix of mental and physical anguish, adventure, and kindness from friends like Progeny, resulted in a new level of confidence, charisma, and lyricism for me. I always knew Progeny had the heat on the pads, as well as dope guitar riffs, and when we combined in his basement it was pure magic! We knocked this project out of the park in like a week or so, while I slept in an empty room in his house. Truthfully I was stranded in the PNW and had nowhere else to go! But that’s a story for a different time….

Thank you Erick!! Words cannot explain my gratitude.Your kindness is not forgotten, and I know people will hear the magic on these tracks.

Much Luv

In Progeny’s words: “I am really stoked for this release to finally see the light of day. We worked on this project back in 2017 or 2018 (I can’t remember which year it was).

I believe that anyone who knows me knows I’ll always help a friend in need. I was excited to have the chance to make music together with SB The Moor. This EP flowed really smoothly & I hope you enjoy what SB The Moor and I created for you all!” – Progeny

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