Ockham’s Blazer – Prison of Gold (feat. PremRock, Fresh Kils, Anthony Rinaldi, Guido Spannocchi & PRAQ!) – Single

Fresh Kils has an unlikely encounter while on tour during the summer of ’19. After a fateful meeting in a sweaty Viennese punk rock venue, where their respective groups, PremRock & Fresh Kils, and Praq! would share the stage, this 6 man outfit, later joined by sax god Anthony Rinaldi, would ride the waves of decadent coffee, artisanal shnitzel & adult bevvies to the studio, where Ockham’s Blazer would emerge. Genre defying jams between Toronto and Vienna would cement a small catalogue of infectious motifs and songs; a reckless exchange of free energy chiseled into their debut album.

Their first single, “Prison of Gold”, is out NOW, on Fake Four Records!


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