3 The God Way (Kaimbr, Sean Born, Let The Dirt Say Amen) – Mount Olympus [album]

Mount Olympus is everything you’ve wished for in a Hip Hop Group Album. It’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s gritty. The Wordplay is competitive. The sound is organic. Dirt, Sean and Kaimbr all challenging each other in pushing pens to compliment and shine at every moment possible. Think Kareem, Magic and Worthy. Produced by Sean Born and Let the Dirt Say Amen. Cuts by SHAOLIN Jazz’s own DJ 2 Tone Jones. Mixed and Mastered by DMV Guru Judah. This album is not to be forgotten but remembered and stamped in the History Books of Real Hip Hop. 3 The God Way presents Mount Olympus.

3 The Godway .. the trinity.. ..the 3 the 6 and the 9…space, light and time… we the vibration
The speakers of the ethereal ..
Right and exact we are the Tru and living god. We are sound right reasoning.
We sacred geometry
This is our offering to hip hop
Gods will
Our ill

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