Jern Eye – Rose Croix [album]

One of my most personal bodies of work to date, Rose Croix was inspired by a mystical experience I had during a deep meditation while hiking through the Wissahickon Trail in Pennsylvania last October. Each song is represented by a Major Arcana in traditional Tarot embodying the respective theme and energy of that card. The album title is symbolic of the unfolding of spirit (Rose), and the vessel in wich these experiences occur (Croix or Cross). Symbolism is a powerful tool in unveiling hidden truths, and with the intention of making this album a timeless piece, I wrote it in a way where layers unfold as the listener interprets them, just like Tarot. Thank you for your support. Roses to you all. – Jern Eye ????

Executive Produced by: Jern Eye and Nick Andre
Produced by: Nick Andre, Headnodic, Jamie Way, and Jern Eye
Mastered by: Headnodic

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