Choosey – Reminded (Official Video)

After receiving critical acclaim for his 2019 debut Black Beans, the Exile-produced LP had seemingly sent Choosey on a notable run for success. From tours in the US and Europe to vinyl selling out in stores worldwide, his momentum was abruptly stalled by the ails of the pandemic. Delayed (as most were) but not defeated, the rapper’s return with Reminded is marked not only by lyricism but his very own production as well.

Though his self-produced work caught the attention of Pitchfork in 2014, Choosey’s ability on the mic and the boards may come as a surprise to recent fans. He boasts “it’s a stream of consciousness. I sang and recorded the hook as I was making the beat. I was finishing the beat as I was finishing the last lines. It’s really just some raw expression captured in real time.” From what seems to be an introspective flow within his mind, at times, also sounds like a direct and vulnerable conversation with himself. Perhaps, this is is a peek into his headspace during the last 3 years.

As the song’s liner notes detail, Choosey clearly intends to highlight the fact he’s written, produced, mixed and mastered his latest work. One would assume that his many efforts to birth a song are plenty however, his creativity extends far beyond the sound. The accompanying music video comes just as sudden as the song with credits revealing it was also written, directed, VFX and set design by Choosey. It’s undetermined whether this is a lead up to a full project or just a loosie but within one single release, he’s displaying more artistic ability than ever before.

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