LMD (LMNO, MED, Declaime) – Advice [audio]

LMD (LMNO, MED, Declaime) connect a new single “Advice,” off their upcoming collaborative Flying High project.


FatBeats: https://www.fatbeats.com/products/copy-of-lmd-lmno-med-declaime-flying-high-lp-white-vinyl?_kx=6G2lqY_lw_Iw4DByFUozA1_Fqi1lnKHw9PkmBug2AFM%3D.RYJzig

Cali rap heavyweights LMNO, MED, and Declaime have joined forces to spit blunted tales, make wack emcees tremble, and showcase their lyrical gifts as the group LMD. And for their debut release, Flying High, they’ve called on another longtime collaborator—none other than living production legend Madlib—to produce the entire project. He provides his signature mind-bending instrumentals for his rapping cohorts, and the result is an organic, expertly crafted slice of hip-hop.

Flying High is the embodiment of that smoked-out, spiritually inclined boom-bap you’d want from this trio, with a few surprises along the way. You may also catch a contact high from a few of these cuts, because you can almost smell the weed smoke on “Flying High” and “The Cypher.” There are strong hits of soulful funk on the album, too, like the DJ Romes-assisted “Super,” as well as smoothed-out burners, like “Kool,” which features raps from Fly Anakin and scratches from J Rocc.

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