Kero One – Right Click Save (NFT song)

The jury has spoken, half of my followers on social media detest NFT’s while the other half don’t care or are on board. Where do you stand?

On the heels of a Crypto & NFT bear market, when everything seem to be crashing and burning, what better time then now to drop a song about my experience in the space.

About me:
I started getting involved with NFT’s late 2020 and put my own album “Windmills of the Soul” on the blockchain Dec 20, 2020. Since then, I’ve received plenty of backlash on social media and had fans leave me. It’s nothing new to me though, wether it was trying to rap as an Asian kid in the late 90’s, taking a break from vinyl to try out computer djng, or experimenting outside of boom bap hiphop. So here we are, just another chapter in the journey. Cheers to those that are still around!

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