Ras Kass “Contemp-Hop” ft. Eric Jaye (Music Video)

Ras coined the term Contemp-Hop (short for Adult Contemporary Hip Hop)
as a more accurate definition for the genre of Rap many enjoy but find hard to categorize. 1990’s boom-bap influenced music being made Today, with a focus on lyrical content;
The music we love from WuTang, Biggie and 2pac, to Eminem, Nas, Common, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar as well as newer artists like JID, Cordae, Coast Contra and countless others

Ras Kass encourages cats not to conform to mainstream current singy/mumble rap standards and stays in his lane over a classic ATCQ skit inspired banger produced by Louisiana’s own EF Cuttin
(cover art Cee One)

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