BodyBagBen & Planet Asia – Heist the Crown [album]

Body Bag Ben & Planet Asia join forces on Heist the Crown, a nine track display of hard-hitting production laced with top tier lyricism, masterfully crafted by the two underground titans.

The speaker quaking collaboration kicks off with a shot right out the cannon with, “Lard Have Mercy.” That’s no typo as the Fresno legend cleverly showcases his pen-game on the hook, “we never conform to that pig feet mentality, because it’s way to easy,” which coupled with Ben’s spooky production hits like a Tyson hook to the body.

The title track “Heist the Crown” delivers a bone-chilling backdrop for PA to effortlessly glide through his verses, separating himself yet again from the herd with lines like, “Tabernacle event, strap a bomb to myself in the booth and protest the grounds like Kaepernick,” and “Live-wire ministries, five shots of Hennessy, crime blocks I shine and watch time stop my enemies.”

Later into the album, “Heavy Metal” brings back that hardcore hip-hop feeling akin to Onyx and M.O.P, offering yet another display of PA’s lyrical dominance over Ben’s ruthless production.

The album also highlights a seismic guest appearance from living legend Snoop Dogg on the closing track “Yesterday.” The track opens with a message from the late Nipsey Hussle (RIP) over a haunting piano soundscape that sets the tone for Snoop’s vividly crafted verse that takes you along his journey of how he became the legend we all know and love today. The track also boasts Grammy Award Winning Kobe Honeycutt who delivers a potently soothing hook that lends a satisfying balance between both verses, as Asia closes out the album with an auto-biographical 16 that puts the icing on the cake of one of the most promising emcee/producer collaborations of 2022.

Heist the Crown is available now through Body Bag Productions in partnership with Fat Beats.

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