Ras Ceylon & Prodigal Sunn “Rebel on the Roof” (Official Video)

West Coast bar-spitter/community activist, Ras Ceylon, keeps his foot on the gas pedal with the unveiling of “Rebel On The Roof” featuring Sunz Of Man’s Prodigal Sunn (P. Sunn), the second single & music video from Ras’s upcoming solo album titled, “Srvnt of the Ppl” via Chalice Row Records. DJ Just Jay handles the single’s production, with a hard-hitting percussion-driven soundscape accompanied by blaxploitation-themed cuts declaring, “There is a rebel on the roof!”

The two MCs, Ras Ceylon & Prodigal Sunn, felt compelled to write, record, and film this militant opus on the spot in Oakland, California. Why Oakland? Simple answer. It is the historic birthplace of The Black Panther Party which Ras Ceylon still has strong ties to this day, working closely with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., of The Black Panther Party Cubs, CRC and the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation. Displaying their solidarity with the Panther Party’s ideology of self-reliance and self-defense, the music video showcases a Huey P. Newton bronze bust sculpted by artist Dana King as a visual cornerstone. Ras Ceylon explained, “It is essential to help preserve the legacy of BPP Minister of Defense, Huey P. Newton who was known as the Supreme Servant of the People. I have made it a personal obligation to embody the same principles into my music as the freedom fighters that came before us lived by. Those principles are embedded in this song.” Prodigal Sunn added, “It is important to stand up for something with meaning. This song represents freedom, culture, family, and community empowerment.” Ras emphasizes, “We those rebels on the roof fighting for The People.”

The on-the-spot camera work by Korise Jubert and England Smith of Town Futurist Media along with the MC Prose edits masterfully captures the entire in-studio creation of “Rebel On The Roof”, on-the-fly MC performance shots, in addition to b-boys Q-VO (SUB4) and BBoy Mattkilla (TBB Rocking Crew/Kebab Flava) breaking to the rhythms on location at The Stacks Record Shop, giving a refreshing nod to one of the principal elements of Hip Hop that sadly seems to be absent from much of today’s Hip-Hop music. This video is a love letter to Hip-Hop Culture and the Legacy of Resistance.

“Rebel On The Roof” is available now on all streaming platforms via Chalice Row Records and will be featured on Ras Ceylon’s highly anticipated “Srvnt of the Ppl” LP due out in November of 2022.

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