Kastaway and Cam The Downrocka – The Art of Tradition [album]

Two continents collide when Chicago rapper Kastaway and Swedish producer Cam The Downrocka join forces on this Boom Bap masterpiece.

“The Art of Tradition” is out now via Counterweight Records on gorgeous, orange 12″ vinyl, aswell as on all digital platforms.

Hip Hop has always had that special ability unite people. And this LP encapsulates that very essence. Kastaway´s powerful delivery and personal, yet, braggadocio, rhymes are in perfect symbiosis with Cam´s sample based, hard hitting, jazzy rhythm compositions.

The Art of Tradition is a celebration of Hip Hop in its prime; the golden age era when simply dope beats & rhymes were the criteria of a good album. It follows the classic “He´s the DJ, I´m the rapper” formula, walking in the footprints of legendary acts such as Showbiz & A.G., Gang Starr, Eric B & Rakim, Pete Rock & CL Smooth.

Kastaway & Cam The Downrocka – The Art of Tradition will take you on a ride, possibly a bumpy one, considering your head will be nodding up and down throughout. Winter is coming… so we figured we´d bring you some heat to keep you and your speakers warm. In the words of J Dilla: Turn it up!


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