Lyrics Born – Alligator Boots | audio

”Alligator Boots’ is a cosmic fantasy ride. I love being the Asian Willy Wonka with them golden Bars,” states Japanese American rapper/actor LYRICS BORN about his trippy new single that premieres today. The latest cut from his upcoming new studio album Vision Board (release date: November 11, 2022 via Mobile Home Recording), “Alligator Boots” is a psychedelic trip that fuses alt-rock instrumentals, hazy synths, the silky smooth voices of featured duo Say Sway, and Lyrics Born casually rapping about his life and the luxuries that come with it.

Written and recorded in New Orleans with producer Rob Mercurio (INSERT CREDITS), the track was written with his own wardrobe in mind. “Say Sway recorded the chorus previously and I thought that it was so fantastic, I knew I had to write some thing equally outlandish,” he laughs. “Being that I actually have at least 100 pair of alligator boots, this song was destined to be.”

The track also pays homage to the late rap icon/close friend Gift of Gab of Blackalicious. “I was halfway thru the writing process in the studio when Chief XCel from Blackalicious called me and informed me Gift of Gab had passed,” he remembers vividly. “I rewrote the second verse immediately to include the nod to Gab.”

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