38 Spesh x Harry Fraud – BAND OF BROTHERS Ft. Benny The Butcher & Ransom [Official Visualizer]

To formally announce their collaborative album, Spesh & Harry released the project’s lead-single, “Speshal,” featuring Stove God Cooks. Now, they are back with “Band Of Brothers” featuring Benny The Butcher & Ransom.

“Band Of Brothers” is a very heavy collaboration. Not only does it feature three top-tier lyricists in their primes, but it also reflects on loss, as Spesh, Benny and Ransom have each lost blood brothers to street violence.

“This song is notable for two reasons: First off, me, Benny, and Ran have all lost blood brothers to street violence over the years, so even just the name “Band Of Brothers” holds a lot of significance” 38 Spesh reveals. “Secondly, this is the first time the best emcees from both eras of the Trust movement have been on a track together.”

“Band of Brothers” is a ‘speshal’ song (pun intended). It sees three of the best lyricists in the game going back to back showing out. The beat came to be while Spesh and I were in the studio going through a bunch of records. When we heard the sample we both agreed it had to be flipped” Harry Fraud recalled. “I made sure to give the track some space drum wise so my bros could flex their muscles with a multitude of flows. The way they all threaded their verses together with a common theme on the last bar was Beyond Belief!”

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