Sareem Poems & Madi – Hopefully | audio

The days have become shorter, and the nights are cold and long. Winter season aside, we’re living in uncertain times. From politics to healthcare, the rising cost of living and more – apathy and cynicism are the themes of the modern day. Even just getting by has become a demanding daily operation. However, in light of this social despondency, hope can be found between the cracks of the concrete.

Sareem Poems is an artist who thrives through collaboration. Recently, he’s released co-hosted drops with Terem, Newselph and Ess Be. Sareem again opts for the joint billing route and links up with producer Madi.

Hopefully, is a sharp and seductive six-track jolt of upliftment for the weak and weary among us. Sareem’s penmanship across the EP is intentional and minces no words about the everyday struggle of surviving and thriving. However, the beauty of the music and message blossoms within the juxtaposition. On the title track, Sareem plays neighborhood hope dealer and wishes health, wealth and strength to one and all. As expected, the song is littered with thoughtful lines (“I hope you never have to code switch so you can blend”), which land firmly in the message received section of the brain. The sermon-like bars continue on Ain’t No Time, where Sareem displays calm confidence in the rat race against the hourglass. He deftly reminds the listener that the past is always in the future and time is not to be feared – but embraced. Further introspection can be found on Piece Of The Pie. Sareem enters the center with thanksgiving in his heart, reflecting on the grind’s culmination and celebrating the spoils of family and friendship.

The mosaic-like production by Madi, who used to go by DJ Allstar, is smooth and spacious – bespoke in its bounce and bop. The former Uprok Records DJ serves up splurges of atmospheric buoyancy that pulsate through the mind, body and soul. The lost art of the head nod returns in a big way, and Madi delivers in an emphatic fashion.

All hope aside, the chemistry between Sareem Poems and Madi is a wistful reminder of the sacred nature of the Hip Hop duo. The one emcee and one producer tandem are held dear in Hip Hop culture. These two hope dealers carry on tradition while pushing forward.

Written by Christopher Mitchell for Ten Pounds of Gold and Breaking Atoms

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