Mickey Blue “A Long Time Coming” [album] feat. Ill Bill, Copywrite, Lord Goat, M-Dot, Spit Gemz, Jay Royale, King Magnetic, Tone Spliff & more

The wait is finally over for producer Mickey Blue’s debut production album “A Long Time Coming.” The album offers something new yet familiar to the Hip Hop genre as Mickey showcases his range of beat making while also enlisting some of the underground’s top tier lyricists.

Songs range from grimey bangers like “Crime Ministers” featuring Dro Pesci, ILL BiLL, Jay Royale and cuts by Tone Spliff or “Bone Tomahawk – Extended Version” featuring Spit Gemz, Tito Fuerte, Sydetrak Imperial, Lord Goat and cuts by Tone Spliff, to more ominous records like “Maniacs” featuring King Magnetic, Tito Fuerte, Big Dee and cuts by Tone Spliff and “Creep-Show” featuring Skrollz. Mickey didn’t forget to add some spice to the record though, with up-tempo joints like “Don’t Blink” featuring Copywrite, M-Dot and cuts once again handled by Tone Spliff or the video single “Twenty Ninety Four” featuring Big Dee.

On “A Long Time Coming” you will find obscure samples, bass-filled beats and razor sharp cuts, coupled with veteran wordsmiths providing a lyrical knock-out blow. For fans of Boom Bap and true hardcore lyricism, look no further than this satiating debut from Mickey Blue. Out now Exclusively On Bandcamp (Physicals Also Available on BC).

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