Devine Carama – Trends Last A Season, Culture Last A Lifetime EP

Devine Carama is a nationally renowned, 2022 Emmy Award-winning hip-hop artist and community activist from Lexington, KY who has worked with the likes of Canibus, Nappy Roots, Mickey Factz, Cunninlynguists, Nemo Achida, and others. This past week, Devine Carama dropped a new EP entitled “Trends Last a Season, Culture Last a Lifetime”, featuring verses from Mickey Factz & and upcmoing North Carolina MC,Tony Wavy, as well as production from Ayo Shamir and Asethic (credits: Lloyd Banks, Papoose, Canibus).

“2023 is the 50th Anniversary of the inception of hip hop culture. A culture that saved my life and has been the foundation of everything I’ve been able to do in life. In celebration of hip hop’s 50th birthday I wanted to honor it with this new EP, sticking to the core principals. I kept it raw and simple yet intricate at the same time. Layered writing, dope production and relevant content. As a hip hop educator, myself I was honored to get on a track and spar with Mickey on “Consummate Professional”. I wanted each track to have a different feel yet cohesively blend together at the same time and the help of Asethic & Ayo Shamir on the boards, I feel we did that.” – Devine Carama

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