Endemic Emerald – ‘180th Grand Concourse’ (Official Video)

Producer Endemic Emerald has provided top-notch beats for many in the rap game over the years – notable names such as various members of the Boot Camp & Wu Tang camps, Tragedy Khadafi, Ill Bill, and Planet Asia. On ‘Renegade Soul’ he digs deep into his sounds to bring us his 1st instrumental album. The set features an array of soulful soundscapes, accompanied by a gritty undertone. The album moves through different moods, utilising a range of jazzy pianos, intense strings, and heavy basslines. Accompanied by soulful voices throughout a real edge is provided and makes ‘Renegade soul’ guaranteed head-nod material. The album will be available on 12” Vinyl, Cassette & CD on June 30th.

Pre Order here — https://li.sten.to/4np7ao0g

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