Stik Figa & The Expert – The Forgotten EP

“The Forgotten” has been an album favorite here at Rucksack Records from the get-go. Many listeners and reviews also cited the album closer of ‘Ritual’ as one of their favourites off last June’s release. This new EP brings together the album highlight with a brand new track along with a collection of remixes by Controller 7, label mate Spectacular Diagnostics, and The Expert himself.

The Expert: “Once we realised there was a mutual admiration between Stik Figa & SKECH185, we discussed how he would have been perfect for our track ‘Service.’ This then sparked the idea of a remix song, which led to a full EP. For the remix of ‘Service,’ I reworked the outro section from the original to form a whole new track where SKECH185 enters to provide his unique take and flow to complete the track.”

Next to that, there’s the remix of “Uknowhut?”—adding some of that classic golden-era sound, circa 1995, that suits the tones of Blu and Stik so well. Also featured on the EP, is a brand new original track called “Rotary Connection” by Stik Figa & The Expert, featuring long-time collaborator DJ Sean P. Stik Figa: “It’s a reflective song that observes the full-circle nature of our lives, from the mundane to the miraculous.”

The EP comes with a micro-run of a lathe-cut 7” record (only 25 copies for sale) featuring “The Forgotten” on the A-side, and The Expert’s remix of “Service” featuring Defcee and SKECH185 on the B-side. ‘Ritual’ is completely sold out on Bandcamp, but last copies are out in the wild at record stores including HHV Records, Juno, Red Eye Records, Norman Records, Disk Union, and Moin Vinyl, among others.

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