Afu-ra – Test Me | Official Video

Official Test Me Video
1st single of Afu-ra’s Secret 2023/24 Music project.
Test Me is song of raw emotion from the essence of pushing yourself to be the best and never giving up especially when things are at their most difficult level of pressure against you and feel like you want to quit, you don’t, you be your best even if it means going against any opposition as we all may sometimes have.

Afu-ra is sponsored my
dare to Grow with Canna
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This video is inspired by the true a life event &#@/! former record company owns the Masters and Bounds my original creation under their control and profitability!!????????

I can be Tested but can’t be Tested. Hear this my physical transcendence would not stop I creativity and fighting for what’s mine.

Test Me Videos Concept by Afu-ra
Instagram @realafura FBK @realafura FBK @Aaron afu-ra Phillip Twitter @afuralifeforce
TikTok @Realafura3

Test Me Audio Produced by Robin Da Landlord NL
Instagram @Robindalandlord

Produced/Cameraman by Michael Bradford Highballz CZ RP contact Instagram @Highballzcustomdesign @Trychomeheavycultivation

Post Production Graphics By Def I’ll Linz Austria
Instagram @hashtagapokalypse_defill

Record Label Goon
Cestmir Polcak Instagram @LOBOTOR84 CZ RP Strongman Fitness

Drone Pilot Jaromír Habá? FBK @Jaromir Habá? CZ RP…

Drone Pilot Adam Peterka CZ RP

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