Asher Roth – KNOW GRANDMASTER TAPE 456 (w/o Lyrics)

Guala and I link to discuss the importance of doing.

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I wanna get to know myself better
so I can do better
cause whether I know or not
to settle I’ll never
reach my full potential
I mean essentially I’m special
there’s not another set of chemical bonds
electrons, neutrons, protons
not sure about photons
but that’s what I’m on
tryna learn more
get to Earth’s core
that’s a metaphor
not for real
cause I would burn for sure
the stove’s hot
but touch it if you gotta
ain’t a lot that matters so might as
well grab the data
all knowledge ain’t attainable
let alone retainable
but blaming bols
and just complaining
really ain’t the way to go
gotta take it day by day
little baby steps
little lady reps
no shade to the ladies
it’s just their strength may be maybe less
than a full grown masculine man
but is man full grown
if he don’t know who he am?
no dream or a plan?
not a scheme or a scam
it’s more important
it’s encouragement to know that you can
you should and you will
you don’t need a special skill
just to get behind the wheel
and see where it goes
cause even though
you might end up back at your home
at least you hit the road
and now you know
and appreciate home a little mo
(love home)
no code or shortcuts
could always use more bucks
cause work sucks but shucks
create your own luck
improve your circumstance
reach out to some friends
and maybe even try to dance
cause life is moving at the speed of light
and it could end tonight
so might as well take the day
to do something frightens you
like a hot air balloon in mexico that’s new
see the sights from 2,000 feet above sea
might cost a little bit but the experience is neat
and experience is key
each experience unique
gotta live before
your knees get weak
and it gets out of reach

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