Fielded – Plus One | album (feat. billy woods, Prem Rock, Elucid, Fatboi Sharif and more)

Backwoodz Studioz announces Plus One, a new album from Brooklyn-based artist Lindsay Powell aka Fielded. While Fielded has put out several solo projects steeped in their trademark psychedelic R&B, she also has quietly built a reputation as a genre-bending vocalist and sought-after musical collaborator. Plus One turns that dynamic on its head, bringing together an indie music elite on Fielded’s guest list including Armand Hammer, Felicia Douglass, Kenny Segal, They Hate Change, DJ Haram, Wolf Weston, The Lasso, Child Actor and Steel Tipped Dove.

“I’ve offered myself in blips and breaths and moments, sighing under a powerful lyric, or punctuating another vocalist’s breakthrough performance,” Fielded says. “We wanted to see what could happen when I brought those same artists in to add flourishes to my visions and depth to my stories.”

Plus One is executive produced by billy woods, building on a creative partnership that goes back to the rapper’s 2019 album, Terror Management. Since then Fielded has engineered, produced and performed on a slew of Backwoodz Studioz releases, in addition to putting out two projects on the label- 2020’s Demisexual Lovelace and 2021’s Yung Medusa- in addition to their extensive outside commitments. That history is reflected in the breadth of Plus One’s collaborations; Fielded stole the show on Small Bills “Safehouse,” the first song on ELUCID and The Lasso’s 2019 album Don’t Play it Straight. Here they reunite, cooking up a slinky R&B banger with “Waves.” Wolf Weston and Fielded traded harmonies on Saint Mela’s 2020 EP all for this strange baptism, and Weston returns the favor to fantastic effect on “Goddess Woes.” In 2019, Fielded joined forces with Fat Tony and Steel Tipped Dove for the Houston rapper’s Don’t Move EP. On Plus One, both artists step into her world and find their footing effortlessly—Tony on the woozy numbness of “Where I Came From,” and Dove with a stumbling cascade of drum and piano on “World’s Away.” Yet, it’s some of the newest pairings that yield the ripest fruit. Kenny Segal and Fielded combine for two album highlights, and A. Billi Free pops up for the record’s biggest curveball (unless you give that to Florida rappers They Hate Change setting fire to an ELUCID beat). Through it all, Fielded holds court, always taking or leaving exactly what the song requires.

“It is an album telling full stories, walking through valleys and cities, landscapes rich and sometimes heartbreaking,” Fielded explains. ”No one is filler. Everyone has been welcomed and valued. Everyone made the work weird, wonderful and honest, and for that I am grateful.”

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