AJ Suede & steel tipped dove – Reoccurring Characters | album

You know that feeling when an incredible actor pops up in a surprise cameo in a movie and your jaw hits the floor? Or when you are listening to a brand new song without looking at the credits and you hear your favorite rapper check the mic – about to start their verse? Multiply that excitement by 10 and you’ve got the new album by AJ Suede and steel tipped dove.

Reoccurring Characters transports the listener into the sonic universe of two of the most undeniable forces in current rap music. Fresh from a world tour AJ Suede is penning rich, clever and poignant lyrics, performing them with his truly engrossing flow and pure rap skill flexing. Linking up with steel tipped dove to map out a chaotic smooth instrumental framework to inhabit, these two transport you to a whole new dimension.

A few other prodigious characters hopped in the hovercraft, including Premrock, Fatboi Sharif, Duncecap & Curly Castro – each delivering their own stunning display of word flow mastery. Playing Reoccurring Characters will place you in Suede and dove’s nomadic phonic world, always looking for new and rare places to go.

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