The Musalini x Phillnrich x BhramaBull – Fly (New Official Music Video) (Prod. BhramaBull)

The Musalini x Phillnrich x BhramaBull – Fly (New Official Music Video) (Prod. BhramaBull)

Dynamic collaborations are a testament to the richness of the music industry, and the upcoming release of “Fly” [Produced By BhramaBull] is no exception. This highly anticipated track features the distinctive talents of Phillnrich, hailing from Texas with a cool Larry June type flow and Primo Rice type flow, alongside Jamla Records artist, The Musalini, known for his impeccable skills on the mic. The production magic behind “Fly” is courtesy of the underground sensation BhramaBull, a prominent figure off the Evolution 5 album set to drop in March.

With a fusion of styles that draws inspiration from Larry June and Primo Rice, Phillnrich brings a unique flavor to the track. His Texas roots shine through in every verse, creating a captivating listening experience. The Musalini, a recognized force in the hip-hop scene with ties to the esteemed Jamla Records, adds an extra layer of dynamism with his powerful lyricism and charismatic delivery.

BhramaBull’s production prowess serves as the backbone of “Fly,” offering a sonic landscape that complements the artists’ styles seamlessly. Fans can expect a melodic journey that blends traditional hip-hop elements with a contemporary twist, setting the stage for what promises to be a standout track in the rap scene.

The collaboration is a sneak peek into the upcoming Evolution 5 album, scheduled for release in March. BhramaBull, the mastermind behind the production, has been making waves in the underground scene, and “Fly” is poised to be a testament to his innovative approach to music.

Mark your calendars for January 30th as “Fly” takes flight into the hearts of hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide. The combination of Phillnrich’s Texan vibes, The Musalini’s Jamla Records pedigree, and BhramaBull’s cutting-edge production guarantees an unforgettable musical experience.


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