Teddy Faley – Deer Friends (A.M. Breakups Remix)

Teddy Faley dropped Teddy Brown Brown two years ago. To celebrate, here’s A.M. Breakups’ remix of Deer Friends. This song was the lead single and Teddy’s re-entry into the rap world, so it’s fitting to revisit TBB via this reimagining from Teddy’s friend and long-time collaborator, who featured the instrumental version of this track on his 2023 album REDIVIDER. This and Breakup’s Vic remix got the producer back in gear to create REDIVIDER, and he liked this so much he asked if he could use for his album first. Enjoy, and give Teddy Brown Brown a spin two years later.

A.M. Breakups’ REDIVIDER is available to stream everywhere and for purchase (digital/vinyl) at ambreakups.bandcamp.com

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