Midnight Sons (Zilla Rocca & Chong Wizard) – Money Has No Owners | album

Zilla Rocca & Chong Wizard are back as Midnight Sons!

With a brand new album titled Money Has No Owners.

Now available on Vinyl, CDs, Cassette tapes and Digital. We’ve also go some really nice merch such as T-Shirts, Hoodie and even custom limited edition Skate Decks.

The hoodies and T-Shirts shipping is very affordable especially for all our international supporters. The digital download comes free with purchase of all items including merch.

The album features guest appearances by artists such as

Midaz The BEAST
Curly Castro
AJ Suede
Rich Jones
andrew & Jesse The Tree as sleepingdogs
Adi Meyerson
Evan Jacobson

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