Evidence (Dilated Peoples)


The Weatherman ” drops March 20, 2007, Evidence long awaited solo debut lp. Guest Appearances include Little Brother, Slug of Atmosphere, Alchemist, Defari, Dj Babu, Jake One, Rakaa-Iriscience, DJ Khalil, Planet Asia, Res, and Joe Scudda. On the same day as the album release, Evidence will be performing Free @ Amoeba Music in Hollywood 7pm.

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Wikipedia – Evidence is an American hip hop artist, producer, and member of the rap group Dilated Peoples. Born Michael Perretta, Evidence is a native of Venice in Los Angeles, California and was born to an Italian-American father and a Russian-American mother. Additionally, before becoming a rapper and producer, Evidence was a well known graffiti artist.

1. “I Know”
2. “Weather Report 1”
3. “Mr. Slow Flow”
4. “letyourselfgo” (feat. Phonte/Alchemist)
5. “Down In New York City”
6. “A Moment In Time” (feat. Planet Asia)
7. “Look For The Evidence Interlude”
8. “All Said and Done”
9. “Weather Report 2”
10. “Perfect Storm” (feat. Madchild/Rakaa)
11. “Chase the Clouds Away”
12. “NC to CA” (feat. Big Pooh/Defari/Joe Scudda)
13. “Evidence is Everywhere”
14. “Things You Do”
15. “Biggest Belgium Fan Interlude”
16. “Hot and Cold (feat. Alchemist)”
17. “Line of Scrimmage” (feat. Slug)
18. “Believe in Me (feat. Res)”
19. “Born in LA” (feat. Sick Jacken/Chace Infinite)
20. “Weather Report 3”
21. “I Still Love You”

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