Thes one-Lifestyle Marketing


Thes One(People Under the Stairs) is releasing a instrumental album on March 27, 2007. Thes One has remixed 70’s radio commercials from albums Music That Works 1 & 2 (produced by Herb Pilhofer) to create Lifestyle Marketing. You will definitely feel the 70’s pop experience blended with Thes One’s flavor. Transforming commercials into dense instrumental hip-hop, Thes fuses two strands of American musical history, creating a brand new cultural product. Fans of RJD2, Dj Shadow, and, of course, People Under the Stairs, will no doubt appreciate Thes’ efforts, and for those still unaware of the potential of instrumental albums, Lifestyle Marketing is the perfect introduction.

Listen:Thes One – Target

Don’t forget to check out the listening party @ Greyone on March 24, 2007 6-10pm
Click the right flyer above for more info.

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