EL-P @ Troubadour

EL-P @ Troubadour
March 26, 2007
w/ Mr. Dibbs
Percee P


Artists Bio:
WikipediaEl-P aka El-Producto (born Jaime Meline) is an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York City. He is the co-founder, owner and CEO of the Definitive Jux record label.As a rapper, El-P’s style can be characterized by his dense, aggressive, and verbose attacks, which include notable use of metaphor, science fiction and fantasy themes and references, and associative word play. Regardless of this sophistication, he does not eschew traditional hip hop subject matter, a description which would fit equally well with several of his colleagues. His impact as a producer owes to his innovative mix of bleak futurism and low fidelity sounds.
Wiki- Mr. Dibbs, is a DJ and hip hop producer. The founder of the turntablist collective 1200 Hobos, he has also appeared on numerous underground hip hop records as producer or DJ as well as releasing a number of solo works.
Wiki Percee P is an underground hip-hop artist from the Patterson Projects in New York City, United States. Although he has never released an official album of his own, he is known in the underground for selling his mixtapes himself at shows and for his many guest appearances on other alternative and underground hip-hop artists’ releases.

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