Uzi Scott (Lefty & Dextah) – Suicide 2 Cops **EP**

Download: Uzi Scott (Lefty & Dextah) – Suicide 2 Cops

Track listing:
1. For Better or Worse
2. Suicide 2 Cops (Produced by Dextah)
3. Skill at Will Ft: Oneself DaVinci
4. Left Field Ft: DJ Icewater
5. Permanent Midnight Ft: DJ Icewater (Produced by Dextah)
6. Sucide 2 Cops (Remix) Ft: Reef the Lost Cauze (Produced by Dextah)

+ Bonus Tracks +
7. Whose up Next Ft: Tab One (Kooley High), Bambu, Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers) & Charlie Smarts (Kooley High)
8. I Do This + performed by Piseas & Mistah Fab (Produced by Psytebeats)
9. The Blow Up + performed by Oneself DaVinci (Produced by Rey Resurreccion)

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