Crush Effect – Open Your Eyes ft. Raashan Ahmad & Trev’Le Mu [audio] | Until The Next [album]


New music from Crush Effect’s Until The Next album, “Open Your Eyes” featuring Raashan Ahmad & Trev’Le Mu.


Soaked in melody, the newest release from southern California duo Crush Effect is nothing short of spectacular. The pristine production throughout “Until The Next” evokes imagery of crystal clear water and sandy beaches, perfect for its Spring release date of March 4th, 2014. Pulling from the infectious influences of jazz and soul merged with modern bass-heavy EDM, these two renowned musicians have created something truly special. Fans of Pretty Lights, Flume, and Rustie will feel cozy with both the visceral and buoyant sounds throughout.

The album begins its seven track odyssey quite beautifully with “Capital L”, but the laid back vibe quickly changes pace once “Slacker” gains the spotlight. Next, the aptly titled “Catch You” suits its name perfectly; the striking chord progression and vocals captivate you almost immediately. Laser bass and hefty glitch hop get a proper facelift in “Otis”, an obvious hat tip to the great Otis Redding. The emotionally captivating sax and piano on the title track wraps the release on a sultry note, acting as the perfect closing ceremony.

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