Kat O1O (Crown City Rockers) – MeowMix Retrospective Vol. 2


Vol. 2 consists of the more tender choices from Kat O1O’s career. Lay back and groove to the sweet and succulent sounds featuring artists such as Crown City Rockers (Raashan Ahmad, Headnodic, Max MacVeety & Woodstock), People Under the Stairs (Thes One & Double K), DJ Day, Eric Krasno (Soulive), & David Boyce (Broun Fellinis).

Vol. 2 Track Listing:
1. Intro to “The Wiz” – People Under The Stairs (Crumar/Synth)
2. “Partir” – DJ Day (Rhodes/Melodica)
3. “Dewrit!” – PUTS (Rhodes/Piano/MiniMoog/Vibraphone)
4. “If Instrumental” – Mission: (Rhodes/Moog)
5. “Oakland” – Raashan Ahmad (Production/Rhodes/Theremin/Synths)
6. “Daddy’s Home” – DJ Day (Rhodes/Crumar/
7. “Theme From ‘Spacewalk’” – Plate Fork Knife Spoon (Rhodes/Korg MS-20)
8. “Mandelorian” – Headnodic (Rhodes/Moog)
9. “Hands Of A Clock” – Crown City Rockers (Production/Rhodes/Moog)
10. “On & On (feat. Kat Ouano)” – PUTS (Rhodes)
11. “Phosphorescent Waves” – Kat O1O (Production/Rhodes/Organ)
12. “10:53 (feat. David Boyce) – Crown City Rockers (Rhodes/B3 Organ)
13. “Charles River (feat. Eric Krasno) – Plate Fork Knife Spoon (Rhodes)
14. “Blue In Green” – Headnodic (Rhodes/Moog)


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