The Stepkids – Wanderers [free]


Recording artists approach their work from many different perspectives, thinking about what might work in a live setting, or with their friends or a particular audience. The truest approach might be to record for oneself. The three songs on The Stepkids latest release, Wanderers, were originally written for their latest album Troubadour, but ended up being completed free from any limitations of what might work in any setting. The band explains:

“The songs in this collection are different than anything else we’ve done. We wrote and recorded them at the height of our experimentation. We spared no artistry and weren’t limited to any business strategy, a target audience, single considerations, or limitations to the style that we established with our first album. In other words, for better or worse, you will never again hear anything like this from us, let alone anyone else. Enjoy.” – The Stepkids (Jeff, Dan, Tim)


via Stones Throw

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