Corina Corina – Do You Mind? ft. Elucid [video]

“Do You Mind? (Featuring Elucid),” is one of the standout tracks on Corina Corina’s sophomore album, “The Free Way.” Irresistibly catchy and unanimously a fan favorite, the track was imagined as a classic Brooklyn summer anthem. The concept was realized by director Kyle Young (Young! Studios), as the video is influenced by retro R&B videos, Spike Lee movies, and punctuated with bright colors. Young shot the video in the iconic Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, using stoops and streetscapes as the visual backdrop to the track. The video reenacts a city kid’s typical summer afternoon as a group of fly girls gossip about boys while passing the day with 40’s and blunts. That’s where we meet our stars; Elucid, Corina Corina and the borough of Brooklyn.


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