Goldini Bagwell “Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut)” [LP]

On the follow up LP to 2013′s Secondhand Smoke (X-Ray EP), Goldini Bagwell has once again teamed up with Finland-based producer Pmpee Beats. The result is 14 tracks of timeless hip hop full of head-nodding beats, vivid story-telling, and razor sharp wordplay. Heaven Noise Recordings & Sandpeople Music proudly present Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut).

In addition to the album, limited-edition merch packs will be available for a short period of time only. They range from “The Light Cough” (CD, DL, stickers, rolling papers, lighter) to the ultra-luxurious “The Coffin” (T-shirt, hoodie, custom herb grinder, ashtray, CD, DL, rolling papers, lighter, stickers, poster).



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