Has-Lo & Castle "D.L.S." [mp3]

Has-Lo & Castle “D.L.S.” [mp3]

The new single from the upcoming, all-new Has-Lo & Castle full length album “Live Like You’re Dead” (July 29th).

“D.L.S. is the shit starter on the album. If the mission isn’t clear by the time you reach this track, it’s crystal afterwards.” – Has-Lo

“D.L.S. is produced by our man Arcka. Has and I went crazy when we heard the beat. It was just a matter of rolling with the energy. This song is what this album is all about.”

The new album is creativity unfiltered. It’s reaching for the nearest vice, raw loops and disrespectful bass. It’s smiling when reminiscing on the past, and laughing because it feels good.


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