Moka Only – Milky State [album] (ft. Mr. Brady, The Pharcye, Jon Rogers, JuneTen & JingleBell)


Ok, this one took as much out of me as I put into it. Consider this album: Fall Collection 2016. Longtime headz know what I’m talking about! I enter an industrious mental state every fall: storing up my nuts for the winter. It’s, like, “TIME TO GET SERIOUS!” Whatever the fuck that means.

I wanted to involve more guests on this project. Big thanks to the Pharcyde and my Torchlight Commission brethren: Jon Rogers, Mr Brady, JuneTen and Jinglebell (j bels roxwell) for all blessing me.

I had a track ready to go with Donwill from Tanya Morgan, also Torchlight Commission affiliates, but I couldn’t get the mix right in time. In any case, you’ll hear that one soon enough, it’s fire. Pure roasted pinecones heat.

What stands out about this project is its wild rigor: it is widely varied in vibes, yet I made a precise effort to make sure that it all blended smoothly. There was a lot of experimentation during the recording of this project, including quite a few interlude type thingies. I only kept a couple: the ones that could abridge certain songs.

The interlude called “Street Sound 2” is a recording of me walking down the street on the way back to the lab to mix ‘Keep Keep’ which was the final track I had to get in the bag.

The wild card track is “Night After Night” which was originally recorded for the Brutal album but ended up not being used. I loved it but it didn’t fit that project, and I’ve been waiting for the right collection of songs to stick it in. This album is where it belongs. By the way, there IS a Brutal part two album coming in the new year.

The beat for “Picture Clear”, featuring the Pharcyde, was a beat that I had been saving since 2005 or so. It popped into my mind recently. After peeping it again, I just knew the Pharcyde would be the ideal fit, so much so that I didn’t even rhyme on the track. I did, however use a vocoder for my hook vocal background. Anyway, that’s a few details for my fellow nerd minded peoples to chew on.

I produced all tracks, except “Start This Way” which my man JuneTen does the beat and laced the analog synth bits on it afterward.

Oh, for those with a good sense of 90s hiphop history will find “Back To The Bobos” to be a nostalgic treat, especially Yaggfu fans.

‘Till next month! Peace and good golly and suck my d*ck and do lunch, I love you… and me. -Kareem Serene / moka.

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