DJ Rhettmatic – Excerpts From The SP1200 – Vol. 1.5 (2017)

Excerpts From The SP1200 – Vol. 1.5 (2017)
Produced by Dj Rhettmatic for Beat Junkie Sound

1. Intro
2. Dirty Piano Slap
3. Choppin Heads
4. Soul Build
5. Snap N Chop
6. In Search Of
7. Outro


It’s practically 4:08am, Wednesday morning. It is officially my birthday. I’ve been up all night burning the midnight oil to finish this particular project so I can keep the tradition of releasing new or unreleased music for free on my birthday. I have been doing this for the last few years. Some of you might know some of the projects I released: My Stevie Wonder mix (Wonderland), the Aloe Blacc/Rhettmatic unreleased album, just to name a few. One of the other projects I released for free was the Excerpts From The SP1200 Beat Compilation. it’s some of my unreleased SP1200 beats that I made between the years of 1994-1998.

Fast forward during towards the last days of April 2017, for whatever reason, I just had the urge to make a beat on the EMU SP1200 Drum Machine Sampler. It is my first ever Recording Equipment that I ever made beat with. I purchased the SP1200 for $2500 back in 1991 & made beats for the Kozmonautz album, the first 2 Visionaries album, & a few Underground Indy Hip Hop records during the early & mid 90’s. Turning on the machine & hearing old beats, got me inspired to see if I can make beats with it again. Man…..I forgot how difficult it was use in terms of really sampling and chopping up music & programming. And here’s the real kicker, compare to the MPC 60 & other machines that were out at the time, you only had 10 seconds on the SP1200 to be really creative & make a beat. With only such a real limited time to create a beat, you really had to learn how to be creative & learn how to do techniques. And man…..I almost had a meltdown because I I totally forgot how to use the SP, shah!

Once I figure out how to chop, sample, program the machine, it was on & cracking. To tell you the truth, these beats are probably not my best, but I had so much fun reconnecting with the SP. It was very therapeutic for me making beats on the SP1200 again with all the crazy madness going on. I only labeled this project “Volume 1.5” just because it’s a continuation from the first volume, up to date, but it’s also marks the first time I made a few beats on the SP1200 since 1998. Unfortunately, I only made a few beats because it could be time consuming plus I have my own personal schedules to meet. This is also a prelude to my first official instrumental album that being released next Friday (May 19th) on Street Corner Music (Shoutouts to my brother Houseshoes). Anyways, I hope you like my little beats back into time making 16 bit dirty classic Boom Bap Hip Hop, even though I might be pushing it to the red on the system.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for even taking the time to listen to these beats. And thank you to the homes Pete Rock & Madlib for the SP1200 inspiration. It’s now 4:41am & I am running on fumes. Hopefully I made sense writing this down because I starting to doze off….hahaha! Happy birthday to my fellow Tauruses. Rest In Peace to Uncle Leo & Big Black.

Artwork by Maricel Sison

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