Ladi6 “Guru” [audio]

New Zealand’s own, Ladi6, is back with their brand new EP “Royal Blue 3000” being released on June 2nd. The group consists of lead singer Ladi, producer Parks, and band members Julien Dyne and Brandon Haru.

The band has successfully been able to grow and evolve their sound throughout the years and “Royal Blue 3000” is one more step in the right direction which was inspired via improvisation and experimentation. The EP was birthed via The Alpha Sessions which involved partnering with Red Bull to take their studio set on stage to improvise new material and deconstruct their previous catalogue in a nationwide (New Zealand) series of shows, performed with no musical safety net. The unconventional process and the best material from The Alpha Sessions were then taken to the studio for the recording process of their upcoming EP.

Today check out the track “Guru” from the upcoming “Royal Blue 3000” EP. The song, like the entire EP, was conceived from their experimental live performances from The Alpha Sessions. Lead singer, Ladi comments that “While we toyed with the idea of fine-tuning the structure, we decided against it, leaving it almost exactly as it arrived originally to us onstage.”


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