Sadat X – YESTERDAY Promo feat. Ras Kass, Guilty Simpson & Cadillac Dale [video]

This trio of hip-hop greats representing the East, Midwest, and East coast have united for the single, “Yesterday.” “Yesterday” is a nostalgic melodic song that speaks to the hearts and ears of hip-hop yesteryear and simpler times within black culture. “What happened to hearing the ice-cream man when you was young, he was 5 like blocks away/run upstairs get some change, come back downstairs he 3 blocks away/snow cone on the 8th of May,” raps Sadat X. The 3 emcees take a grown folks approach to hip-hop using bars that matter and substance within the lines. Producer Shuko’s harmonious keys and head nodding drums punctuates the lyrics perfectly while Detroit’s own Cadillac Dale (from “Soulful Moaning” fame) sings an addictive hook.

“Yesterday” represents the identity of what Erik Perry’s Kaboodlz Record Label is about. The Detroit based label will release soulful hip-hop, and R&B limited vinyl only 12-inch singles. Every release will have a Detroit connection (artist, singer, prouder, or graphic artist) and every song promises to capture the essence of hip-hop.

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